Loveable Moomin products joined our range!

Everybody loves Moomins – these down to earth characters which are about to save the world with their wisdom and endless love.

We are proud to introduce Moomin SDA products in 3 unique series:

* Romance – ceramic waterkettles with heart melting figures of Moomin Mamma and Little My.

* Elegant – spray painted metallic waterkettle and toaster.

* New Nordic – high quality handmade ceramic waterkettle and toaster with unique wooden parts.

You just need to get one of these masterpieces to your own home. Shop now: Moomin kitchen products

Sharp is back…better than ever!

Sharp is back and better than ever…before huge launch of various novelties and BIG news we`d like to introduce few microwave ovens from the inventor of micros – Sharp.

In addition to unique Flat Bed model without glassplate we also have modestly priced and compact sized liable micros to every kitchen. Easy to use and cool looks brings smile to your face everytime you are about to enjoy their functions.

We trust our products and therefore offer you outstanding and unique 3 years guarantee in Finland.

Check out our range and order your`s now: Sharp microwave ovens

Dun & Bradstreet granted lowest credit risk sertificate to L-Energy Oy

This respected sertificate is a visible proof of our company’s creditworthiness, reliability and excellent solvency. The certificate announces to our customers, cooperation partners, credit grantors and other interest groups that cooperation with a certified company as we are is on solid ground.
Thank you Finland for your trust on our company – we promise to keep on following our main principle in everything we do –
                                    …practise what you preach!