Brand new Moomin models now available!

Celebrating loveable Moomin figures 75th birthday we are now launching various new ceramic waterkettles and toasters to Finnish market.

In the novelties you will find New Nordic series waterkettle and toaster in stunningly elegant shiny black colour and 4 different models of Romance series waterkettles with different Moomin figures on them.

As a bonus we will launch #OUR SEA ceramic waterkettle, which is part of the John Nurminen Foundation`s Save The Baltic Sea-campaign. Read more of this very important campaign: #OUR SEA

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You can buy your choice of Moomin novelties from our webshop: Muumi uutuudet 2020
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Year 2019 was very special for us

We are glad to tell you that year 2019 was very successful for our company. Our long term efforts for export business and pro-active co-operation with the biggest and best retailers in Finland gave us big growth in sales.

Our sales growth was + 85,1% and rose up to 2 614 000€ which makes us very happy.

Respected Finnish business magazine Kauppalehti gave us Finnish Growth Company sertificate, which is given to only 2% of Finnish corporations and we also got Finnish Achievers sertificate, which is given to only 6% of Finnish corporations.

We are doing our outmost to make year 2020 as successful to all of our partners.


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Unique table dishwasher novelty – does not require waterconnection!

This novelty has been eagerly awaited! Handy and beautiful table dishwasher from legendary Salora which does not require waterconnection! Just pour 5 l of water into machine, choose washing program from 3 different choices and push the ON button. This gorgeous and silent novelty is perfect choice for small flats, camping, cellars, offices and all the places where you want to spend your time doing something else than washing dishes.

Check out this little power machine: Salora table dishwasher NEW 12/2019


Strongest in Finland 2019 certificate to L-Energy Oy

A company that has earned the Strongest in Finland -certificate is a powerful influence in the Finnish economy now and in the future. The certificate is a sign of a company’s positive financial figures, background information and good payment behaviour. That tells the customers, partners, credit allowers and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company is on a steady foundation. The certificate is based on the Rating Alfa -credit rating of Suomen Asiakastieto.

Warm thank you to all of our customers – we are stronger together!


Clatronic chosen to be the best German household appliances brand 10/2019

We are proud to announce that Clatronic brand, which we have been lucky to have represented since 2009 in Finland has been chosen to be the best household appliances brand in Germany by Focus Money magazine.

Clatronic was chosen to be the best from over 20 000 different brands and decision was made by the readers of Focus Money magazine.

In future this remarkable honour can be found as logo on every Clatronic product.

Loveable Moomin products joined our range!

Everybody loves Moomins – these down to earth characters which are about to save the world with their wisdom and endless love.

We are proud to introduce Moomin SDA products in 3 unique series:

* Romance – ceramic waterkettles with heart melting figures of Moomin Mamma and Little My.

* Elegant – spray painted metallic waterkettle and toaster.

* New Nordic – high quality handmade ceramic waterkettle and toaster with unique wooden parts.

You just need to get one of these masterpieces to your own home. Shop now: Moomin kitchen products